MetaCentrum Cloud offers a flexible computing and storage environment suitable for a wide variety of applications. These include, but are not limited to, web-based services and portals, container hosts, HPC worker nodes, CI/CD worker nodes, database hosts, and numerous complex scientific use cases.

The MetaCentrum Cloud is operated by MetaCentrum, CESNET department responsible for coordination of computing services, on behalf of e-INFRA CZ.
Partners involved in the development of the MetaCentrum Cloud, providing computing resources and using the cloud service:

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Access and usage of MetaCentrum Cloud services is subject of terms and conditions.

For registration, refer to Documentation - How To Get Access.

Metacentrum OpenStack (CESNET_MCC), Status 2022-10-21 9:00 Openstack is functional, but limited amount of servers/hypervisors running around 40 VMs are without a network. We are working on VM migrations where possible.